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Shipping vehicles across country is not a new concept. The industry has stood the test of time and is now more popular than ever before. The days of growing up and living in your home town are quickly falling by the wayside as more people follow their careers across the country. With so many people on the move, there has never been a higher demand for affordable, reliable vehicle shipping companies.

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At Cars Transport, we pride ourselves on providing affordable vehicle shipping services to all of our customers.  In addition to affordability, we also offer quality services. Because of our dedication to the overall satisfaction of our customers, we are pleased to say that many of our customers come back to take advantage of our services over and over again.

Selecting the Right Vehicle Shipping Services

Many of our customers have never shipped a vehicle across the country before.  The concept can be a little nerve-wracking if you’ve never experienced the services of a vehicle shipper in the past.  It is difficult to narrow the search for the right vehicle shipping service when a simple Internet search can bring back dozens of companies from which to choose.

The best way to narrow the field is to talk with your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members if they have ever used a vehicle shipper.  You might be surprised how many of them have, or know someone who has.  In fact, some of our customers use our services repeatedly as they buy and sell vehicles on the Internet, are often transferred from one military base to another, or see their grown children leaving for college and they don’t want their children driving such long distances alone, so they take advantage of college student vehicle transport.

3 Questions to to Ask Your Vehicle Shipping Company

Once you’ve narrowed the field of choices, make a list of questions to ask an vehicle shipping company before you hire them.  For instance:

  • Does the vehicle shipping company insure the vehicles while in transit? We are pleased to provide insurance for all of the vehicles we transport to protect your investment.  Of course, having your own insurance is highly advisable, as well.
  • Does the vehicle shipping company provide a contract that is both comprehensive and easily understood?  Do they provide customer support for questions concerning the contract? We have a highly knowledgeable staff that is available to answer any questions you may have about your contract. Call us anytime at 1.877.988.8697.
  • Does the vehicle shipping company give you the option for a guaranteed delivery date? We do.

Shipping Vehicle Across the Country: Call Us at 1.877.988.8697!

You might be surprised how common hiring a vehicle shipping company has become in the past few years.  People understand the value of their vehicles and the importance of safety when commuting the nation’s highways.  Because so many individuals are on the move in modern times, hiring a service has become more and more affordable.