Minnesota Auto Transport

Home to the Twin Cities, snow, hockey, lakes and tons of culture, Minnesota is a great place to live, and raise a family. Its got great schools, parks and plenty of job opportunities. If you’re relocating for a new career, this sounds like a great place. Until you’re faced with the truth that in order to get to Minnesota, you have to move all of your belongings with you, including your car.

Luckily, you have Cars Transport to help you in your transition. Whether you’re moving your belongings in a moving truck, or paying for a moving service, you still have to deal with your car. Well, we’re a moving company for your car, so let us ship your vehicle to your new residence.
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There are several benefits to shipping your car across the country. For one, you won’t wear your car out, or spend a lot of money on gas. Plus, you’re going to need your car in good shape for those Minnesota winters.

You’ll also never worry about the condition of your car, or its whereabouts when you ship with us because we provide 24/7 online vehicle tracking. Furthermore, we only employ trusted and certified drivers that we have built a relationship to ship your car.

Now is the time to call us today at: 1-877-988-8697 for a free auto transport quote, and learn why we ship thousands of cars every year.